My Trading Business..

  • Is a relaxed business
  • The odds to win are stacked in my favor
  • I do it from home, after hours
  • I analyze my markets and plan my trades, off-line, usually on Mondays or Tuesdays
  • I enter at my own leisure and monitor my positions once a day
  • No staring at a computer screen for hours, waiting for the right conditions to trigger

Why Commodities

Trading in physical commodities, not hard to understand
Responsive to different stimuli provides true diversification of asset class
Supply and demand and weather patterns provides for seasonal cycles (some form of predictability)
Relatively low margins, high return, means high return on margin invested
Availability of Options provides for building a business with a competitive edge

Why Options?

Drastically lower the risk versus positions in the outright futures market
Many different trading strategies - can trade in any market condition, even in a level trading market
Trade with the probability for success stacked in your favour
Ability to step away from the market action, zoom out in time, can pursue a part-time trading business
Level playing field - able to effectively compete with the Professional Trader

Business Requirements

Well researched and well defined business opportunity - can gain a competitive edge by educating yourself to understand the intricacies of the business
Trade positions are analysed and planned beforehand, supported with high quality data, trade according a well researched trading plan, not at the wimp of the moment
How do you start?
Where do you start?
What do you need to start? (Broker, Resources, Funds)