About Us

Alan Parry

Alan Parry started trading in 1997 after doing a Joe Ross course, and very soon found that options trading was where he was most comfortable. Because of the limited resources available to options traders he developed his own spreadsheets to fit in with his style of options trading. These spreadsheets were developed over the years and became the Matrix Options course.

Alan is an example of someone who lives at the tip of Africa, in Cape Town, yet is able to trade the US markets daily. As he says “no matter where you are in the world, you can trade the markets as long as you have a computer with Internet access”.

Cecil Lourens

Cecil holds a masters degree in Chemical Engineering and worked in a consulting role in industry for many years. He took the Options Matrix course with Alan Parry in 2009 and since then traded options on and off, slowly building his trading business while working his day-time job

Having run a software company for a couple of years, Cecil is also a software programmer and in his spare time converted the Matrix Plus into a SQL database driven software system while adding some additional functionality

Based in Pretoria, Cecil assists Alan in marketing the Options Explorer and the offering of training seminars